Bowel, Kidney & Liver Cleanse

This is an easy to follow cleanse, with daily emails sent directly to you inbox instructing you how to carry out the cleanse in three stages.

Stage 1

Shortly after purchasing your cleanse you will receive a package to the address provided containing; Herbs, Tincture & detox tea.

Before your package arrives you will need to begin eliminating certain foods which are outlined in the first emails, this is a ‘pre tox’

During stage 1, the bowel cleanse you will be required to take the herbal capsules as instructed in your emails.

Stage 2

This stage is a drink in the morning that you need to prepare with the Cayenne tincture, instructions are provided.

Stage 3

Is a liver cleanse, you will be given the recipe of the morning drink which is followed by the detox tea.

Before you purchase this cleanse please ensure you have read and understood what is involved and why you need to carry it out. More information about cleanses can be found here