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Prior to your consultation

You will be asked to complete a confidential health questionnaire and food diary. The information supplied will allow me to build a comprehensive picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any concerns you have about your health.

During your consultation

We will discuss your aim and work together to create an achievable programme that suits yours needs, preferences and lifestyle.


We will discuss;

  • Gut-health and how this impacts your health

  • Optimising energy levels

  • Beneficial foods and potentially detrimental foods

  • Lifestyle changes to help achieve and maintain your goals

  • Techniques to support immune function and optimise your lymphatic system

  • Guidance on supplements to support you

After your consultation

You will receive a personalised plan which includes tasty nutritious recipes and meal ideas tailored to your needs and lifestyle.




Full Consultation

A nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire will be sent to you upon booking. This needs to be completed and returned 3 days prior to your initial appointment. The consultation typically takes 60 minutes. £99.00

Follow-up Consultation

These are usually booked four weeks after your initial visit and take 30 minutes. £50.00

Health Care Checks 

We offer comprehensive yet affordable preventative and diagnostic health care checks. there range from simple vitamin deficiencies to more complex hormone imbalances. Price dependant on type of consultation


Consultation Package

Allergy testing and a full nutritional consultation. £199.00​

Intolerance Testing

Intolerance testing allows us to identify potential "problem foods.” £120.00​

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