Body Cleansing

Cleansing is Good

With toxins at an all-time high in our food, environment and cleaning products as well as stressful jobs and lifestyles intoxicating our minds and emotions, our poor little cells could do with a cleanse. Ideally cleansing should take place at the change of each season, however for some, once would be a great start. Although cleansing is relatively straight forward it is imperative that a structured programme is adhered to in order to maximise the efficacy success of such cleanse.

Herbal Remedies



Recharge, Rejuvenate and Renew.....Every single cell

Introducing and understanding detoxifying….and the importance of it.

The immune and lymphatic system work together synergistically to build and repair our bodies and rid each cell of its waste. The lymphatic system acts as your waste system as well as providing protection for cells.  Cells eat and excrete like you do, only on a much smaller scale. The blood carries the nutrition and fuels to the cells, and your lymph system removes the by-products and wastes caused from metabolizing these nutrients and fuels. The lymph system consists of the lymph fluid, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, spleen and the thymus gland.

Jump start your body into a healthier way of life.  Don’t get me wrong I do not advocate any quick fixes or meal replacement shakes with additives and preservatives I believe in WHOLE foods with maximum nutrient density.

Cells respond to external stimuli not only from hormones, minerals, sugars and proteins etc; their ability to function is greatly affected by the body’s pH factors (acidosis), inflammation, food and toxins. They also respond to thoughts and emotions (feelings). The types of thoughts and feelings you have, harbour or carry around with you play a major role in cellular function. To enjoy a state of total health and vitality it is necessary to clean (detoxify) your body, your mind and your emotions, thus setting yourself free.

I invite you to become vibrant and energetic and enjoy the rewards of life. Recondition your mind and retrain your emotions to enjoy the simplicity of nature’s foods, as nature intended. Understand YOUR BODY and eat the foods that will in turn create a healthy being. Along with everything I advise always listen to YOUR BODY! As you are the expert of YOU.  Exercise is as essential as the fuel you nourish yourself with, its key role is getting the lymphatic system moving and excreting those toxins that are broken down and released from the fat cells.


I have put together a number of cleanses from a 3 days juice cleanse to a more intense 3 week cellular cleanse (bowel, kidney and liver) all of which incorporate herbal drinks and or capsules, juices, smoothies and soups.  However, our cleanses are bespoke following your 1-2-1 consultation taking into account your health and lifestyle factors. A small amount of exercise is suggested and incorporated mainly in the form of rebounding and gentle movement.  Firstly, the mind and the body need to be prepared for what is in most peoples’ case… a shock to the system, you want to ease yourself in gently and avoid a healing crisis… the caffeine withdrawal, the sugar rage and the overall feelings of lethargy!  Indeed we want to tune up the body to fully tune in, in particular we want to prepare the bowel to excrete the toxins released and broken down by the liver. All detoxes will come with a pretox (or a tune up as I like to call it) this information will be provided prior too carrying out a full on cleanse, to start preparing your mind, body and soul for a new lease of life!