About Claire

Claire graduated from London Metropolitan University with a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics and has since furthered her education and training to become a Naturopath & Iridologist. Claire works using a holistic or whole person approach considering mental, emotional and physical influences on her patient’s health. Through consultation and diagnostics Claire is able to better understand her patients condition and determine a treatment plan that supports and educates them with personalized dietary protocols and lifestyle plans.


Specializing in Gut Health (the engine of the body), Claire is passionate about empowering her patients with naturopathic principles through education and awareness to enable them to experience optimal health and vitality.



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Just as Nature Intended...


Food Intolerance 


Are you suffering from any of the following:-

Bloating | Hives | Gas | Eczema | Wind | Skin complaints | Abdominal Cramps | 

Sinusitis | Constipation - Leaky gut | Diarrhoea | Asthma | Nausea | Coughs/colds | IBS | Headaches


The testing process is very quick and simple and can be carried out in clinic with a finger
prick blood sample. The results are available within 40 minutes and test for 49 foods, the
results list whether there has been a mild, moderate or strong positive reaction and
stipulates the action that should be taken in terms of elimination.


Food categories:

Cereals, Nuts, Beans, Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, miscellaneous Yeast,

ginger, garlic, mushrooms, Tea, cocoa




Test only: £120
Optional:  To discuss results and additional nutritional advice £50
Full consultation and intolerance £200.

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